Dutchie Killa Verse’s Grooving EP ‘I Am The Project’ Conveyed an Intriguing Message

Author: Alicia Parker

The swinging vibes of Dutchie Killa Verse in her freshly concocted numbers on the “I Am The Project” album, with six hip-hop tracks delivered with her captivating vocals.

Whatever the time or situation, good music will always instantly lift the mood of the listener. The Magnetic Music Performer Dutchie Killa Verse has intriguing ways of crafting songs infused with the raw essences of hip-hop. And his latest project named “I am the project” contains six extremely well constructed songs. “Money Talk” is one of his freshly made tracks offering refreshing vibes. The song explains how to make money by investing in the right components. And this simple lyricism has several layers of metaphors attached to it. It may simply mean investing in basic banking terms for profit. Or an artist needs to invest in their art to become famous and popularize their art form to a wider audience. Each of the songs he composed and narrated has a unique and intriguing aura from afar.

The song’s consuming and informative narrative is vividly described with Dutchie Killa Versestriking voice. And other songs from this EP “I am the project” include “A&D,” “Cant Take You Serious,” “Beep Beep,” and “Let Go” along with the title track, is also imbued with his uplifting musical auras. While each of the songs is great to watch, “Money Talk” is a track that has the potential to overwhelm this music industry. He delivered devouring tracks like ‘Easy’, ‘Checkmate’, ‘Cap Af’. He has already collaborated with several performers in his musical career. Dutchie Killa’s next projects will also contain these fiery puns. His complete musical work is available on Apple Music. Youtube also has some of his musical works. And keep up to date with his upcoming projects as well as information about his upcoming events and stage performances by following him on Facebook, instagramand Twitter.

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