Dutchie Killa Verse released the most powerful and energizing EP “I Am the Project”

Artist Dutchie Killa Verse released a powerful hip-hop EP “I am the project”. The EP highlights his deep understanding of hip-hop and rap music.

Artist Dutchie Killa Verse released a powerful hip-hop EP “I am the project”. Six songs have been released recently, and within days of their release, they captured the hearts of all hip-hop lovers. The EP features six songs in total. Each song is very energizing and engaging. The stylized beats and rhythmic speeches collaboratively served the cravings of hip-hop lovers and delivered more than could be expected. His versatility and deep understanding of rap and hip-hop music is reflected in the songs. His genius in songwriting and composing music is undeniably evocative.

The artist’s real name is Kevin Watkins. He was born on November 10, 1990 in Ohio. He was raised by his single mother. From an early age, he began to pursue his passion for music. His genius in songwriting was acquired through poetry lessons. Soon, he turns into a songwriter. He even started a rap group, including his cousin and a friend, and adopted the name Dutchie Killa Verse. After the disappearance of his friend, the group split up, and he took the name Dutchie Killa Verse which later became Dutchie Killa Visual.

Kevin Watkins graduated with a degree in audio video production. At the same time, he learned how to operate the camera, directing, editing, mixing and recording. This versatile artist has released massive hit mixtapes such as “The Ewing Project” and “The Project”. All are available on Apple Music. Recently, he released a ‘Come Around’ music video from ‘The Ewing Project’. He managed to capture the attention of thousands of his listeners.

The EP has a total of 6 songs. Each song digs deeper and brings out the deep understanding and versatility of the artist. The title track, “I Am the project”, is the EP’s first and most impactful song. The song ‘Beep Beep’ has a very communicable energy that people can easily resonate with. Another song “Let Go” has very catchy contemporary beats. Even the songs “Can’t Take You Serious”, Money Talk and A&D are no different. So listen to the EP “I AM the project” only on Apple Music. The artist Dutchie Killa Verse did a brilliant job in making this one. To learn more about the artist, follow him on Facebook, instagram, Youtubeand Twitter.

Discover all the songs on Apple Music:


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