Drake deleted verse from French Montana collaboration on Kim Kardashian bars

Drake may be working to keep the peace with Kanye West as he has apparently pulled out of a collaboration on French Montana’s new album titled “They Got Amnesia”, which is due to arrive on Friday.

Drake was to appear on a song called “Splash Brothers”. However, on Thursday, the album’s track list shows that the song was removed from the track list on Apple Music. In its place is another song called “Fraud”.

While there has been no explanation as to why the song was deleted, fans speculated that the change to French’s album may have been made because the song’s lyrics could be perceived. like a shot against Kanye West.

The lyrics reportedly refer to the rumor of an affair between Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. “I’m going to fuck the rapper’s wife and she’s not even my type,” Drake reportedly said in the song.

Kanye West and Drake have been strengthening each other since 2018, with some insiders noting that his supposed relationship with Kim could have a lot to do with it.

J Prince, Drake, Kanye West

The two recently mashed their beef after almost four years. The two rappers met for dinner in Toronto this week and also attended the Dave Chapelle show. Kanye also later announced that they would perform together at a benefit concert to benefit Larry Hoover.

The song’s draw could have been to make sure Drake stays true to the Truce with Kanye. Drake’s story of using music to take pictures of Kanye goes a long way.

Drake seemed to have alluded to a relationship with Kim in “Greece”, in which he raps, “Rolls-Royce, baby, in Hidden Hills / Bags full of hundred dollar bills / Joggin ‘past your wife and she’s got chills . “

He would also have done “In my feeling”. Kim has denied ever meeting Drake, but Kanye West, during his recent interview with Drink Champs, said he was upset that Drake had hinted at him.

“But you acted like you did,” he said in his recent “Drink Champs” interview. “It’s like someone is throwing a ball and hiding their hand. “

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Drake took the song down because he didn’t think it was appropriate to release it in the wake of the Astroworld tragedy.

Drake was named as a defendant in one of the trials and performed on the night of the fatal incident in Houston. Drizzy posted a post after the show as he shared that he was upset by the news of fans’ deaths.

In the meantime, the song will be released on an upcoming deluxe edition of They have amnesia.

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