Dolores ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Verse From ‘Encanto’ Got a ‘Hamilton’ Remix on Social Media

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has become a fan-favorite track from Encanto the viewers. A TikTok user even remixed this track with another hit written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and featured in Broadway’s hamilton.

Here’s what we know about Dolores’ iconic “We’re not talking about Bruno” verse from the Disney film.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is one of the most popular songs from Disney’s “Encanto”

An ‘Encanto’ Rehearsal on Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Opening Night | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Sometimes the weirdos in the family just get a bad rap. However, when Mirabel discovers one of Bruno’s visions, this character (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) goes on an adventure to find out more about her uncle Bruno.

Of course, this semi-secret introduction came with the original song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, written by Miranda for the 2021 release. Canto. Now Disney fans everywhere are talking about Bruno, with this song even surpassing the popularity of Snow Queen “Let it go.”

“By the time I came back, ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ had kind of taken over the world with the rest of the Encanto soundtrack,” Miranda said in an interview with Bloomberg. “It helps you get the perspective of – opening weekend isn’t the life of the movie. It’s just the roughest draft. Two months later, people are talking about Bruno and all his family.

This track featured characters like Camilo, Dolores and Tía Pepa de Mirabel, each sharing their experience with Bruno – before the disappearance.

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‘We’re Not Talking About Bruno’ Got a ‘Hamilton’ Remix Thanks to 1 TikTok User

Dolores’ verse to “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” has become a favorite of many Disney fans, with some sharing videos of themselves dancing to the lyrics. One fan even remixed this verse with Miranda’s Tony Award-winning Broadway production, hamilton. It’s “Satisfied”, originally performed by the character of Eliza Schuyler.

“I guess you all like hamilton/Encanto mashups,” musician Jacob Sutherland captioned his TikTok video, earning thousands of likes and views in the process.

hamilton would not be the only musical production created by Miranda, as the composer recently starred in a film adaptation of In the heights. Encanto Cast member Beatriz appeared in this 2021 production as Carla. Miranda also had a role in the musical production of the Disney animated film Moana.

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‘The Family Madrigal’ was also remixed with a famous song ‘Hamilton’

“We are not talking about Bruno” is not the only one Encanto song that had its hamilton remix. Originally created by Sutherland, Beatriz posted a TikTok of herself syncing to “The Family Madrigal.” Although it featured Mirabel’s fast-paced lyrics, the background instrumental was “Guns and Ships” from Miranda’s Broadway musical.

“Mirabel de Lafayette,” Beatriz captioned the TikTok clip. The post earned over a million likes from Disney and theater fans.

Miranda has yet to comment on these mashups, although the composer often shares his love for the music of Encanto on social networks. the hamilton and Encanto the soundtracks are available on most major music platforms.

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