Chris Brown shares new ‘Donda’ verse – Billboard

Chris Brown wants his music to be heard. “Go Crazy” singer posted verse he claims Kanye West dropped out of “New Again” Donda.

Brown shared his contribution via an Instagram post deleted since Saturday (September 4) which he reportedly captioned: “The verse / chorus I mysteriously didn’t do!” Although the post was deleted, around a minute of the verse is still available on Breezy’s Instagram Stories. (The clip was also captured by fans and shared on YouTube.)

“Is it too late for a second chance / Give my life a gang of blessings / Trade my pain for all the pleasure / Let your peace support my mind,” Brown sings to the insistent beat of “New Again.” He goes on to sing “having group sex” and “swimming in my feelings”.

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Although Brown is listed as one of the writers of “New Again”, he apparently was not very happy to learn that his contribution had been abandoned when Donda was released as a surprise on August 29. He reportedly called West a “whole hoe” in an Instagram story hours after the album’s arrival. He then deleted that comment and shared another story that simply read, “No, he’s fine-tuning.”

CB wasn’t the only artist angry with rapper “Follow God” for not including their work on Donda. Soulja Boy blew up the West on the day Donda – named after Kanye’s late mother – arrived, after a fan asked him via Twitter what he thought of the album. “I don’t know how I feel, Kanye sent me this ‘remote’ song and I can’t hear my version… hmmm f— that n — a,” he replied.

He then shared what appeared to be a text conversation between the two men and tweeted, “This na Kanye smh. Tell my mate not to press my phone anymore.

Billboard contacted West for comment regarding Brown’s verse.

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