Chart-topping artist J. Brown announces City Winery’s “Chapter & Verse” tour with Mariah. As support

NEW YORK (celebrity access) – J. Brown is currently enjoying the success of her recently released debut album, Chapter & Verse, as its first single, “Don’t Rush”, featuring TANK, currently sits at No. 7 on the Billboard R&B card. On September 30, a deluxe version of Chapter & Verse will be released with 3 additional new songs, including “Red Bottoms”, already very popular with fans.

“I’m beyond grateful to be embarking on my own mini-tour and to think that just 2 years ago I was on the same tour, same venues, but opening for Elle Varner, it’s truly amazing to know that through God, faith and hard work, anything is possible. I’m just grateful to be in this moment and to bring Mariah. on the road as she begins her own journey,” he adds.

His most recent song, “I Just Can’t Love You” is currently in rotation on BET Soul and BET. J. Brown says of the song:

“It’s a very special song for me because I’m able to sing about emotions that sometimes we as men society doesn’t allow us to talk about. It touches on mental health awareness and how who can be recognized that now is not the perfect time to give his wife what she deserves.He is vulnerable in admitting to her and to himself that he just can’t love her right now because he is not able to love himself.

Mariah. (with a period) just released her new single, “Bizness”, written by her and produced by Michael Gardner. Mariah. says: “The single is written from the point of view of someone who is fed up. It’s so easy these days to have people involved in your private affairs – constantly hovering around you like gnats but offering nothing. The question then becomes: why was the desire to keep an eye more than the commitment to the friendship or the relationship? I’m sure we’ve all met someone who is “all in our business”. This song serves as an invitation to go out!

The “Bizness” music video is currently in rotation on BET Soul and BET. At the end of last year, she got her first Billboard Top 30 R&B songs with single “Material Girl”.

“Material Girl is written from the perspective of a woman at a crossroads. Should she stay in a relationship that deals with the material and the superficial while neglecting what’s really important? In the process of finding herself, she sketches what she lacks: Loyalty. Time. To like. Patience. Team work. The things money can’t buy,” says Mariah.

(Additional dates to be announced)
* 9.28 – Chicago – City Vineyard
* 9:30 a.m. – Nashville – City Vineyard
* 10.4 – Washington, DC, – City Vineyard
* 10.5 – Philadelphia, – City Winery

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