Chapter & Verse takes the Tech House world stage by storm

Thank you for joining us! As the year draws to a close, what do you think were your greatest highlights of 2021?

There are a few, to be honest. I had a very eventful year 2021. I was fortunate enough to sign a publishing contract with Ultra for the next three years. They have some amazing artists on their roster, so I can’t wait to see what that brings for 2022.

I made it into the 2021 Top 100 Best Producers at number 58 in just my second year of releasing music, so I was absolutely delighted.

It’s also great to see live performances come back to the dance scene and to see so many of my tracks at amazing events and festivals around the world. It has always given me a huge buzz to hear world stars like Diplo, Tchami, Joel Corry play my music to thousands of people.

Where did you grow up in the UK and how did you get into DJing and music production? How long have you been there?

I grew up in South Yorkshire, in a small town called Rotherham. No X Factor sob story from me, I’m scared, and I don’t have any pictures of myself at the job center or working at Dunelm Mill. My story is quite simple: I got into DJing in 2017 when I came back from Ibiza and I literally made up that I was a DJ. I have always been obsessed with music and loved the energetic and positive vibes that surround house music. I think as a person I’m really like that, and I try to reflect that in my music. Since then, my passion has not stopped growing, I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to do this work on a daily basis. At the start of the confinement I built a studio in a guest room in my house and this is where I still live today!

You exploded onto the scene in 2020 with “Dreams” and continued that momentum with chart-topping releases on some of dance music’s most coveted labels. What was your first reaction when you saw your music first climb the Beatport charts?

I digress a bit, but wanted to talk a little more about “Dreams”. I don’t know if you know it, but it was my very first outing. I remember being in bed at 11pm and browsing Instagram like I always have (and still do now) and saw a clip of Tom & Collins at EDC playing the track and I said to myself: “THIS IS MY SONG!” I messaged everyone I know saying, this is my song that everyone jumps up and down. To this day, I still experience the same satisfaction playing at these events.

As far as Beatport goes, they’ve been really supportive of me since “Dreams”, no matter what label I’ve been on. I’ve released a little over 50 tracks in two years so the support has been more than meaningful to me. Obviously being in the leaderboards in Beatport is a huge achievement and I’m proud to say the majority of my outings have reached the top 100. I still check this leaderboard every day and don’t see that ever changing.

After spending so much time in the studio for the past two years, what was it like to take the stage for the first time once the lockdown restrictions started to ease? Is there a particular show or moment behind the decks that struck you the most?

So I released “Dreams” right before the lockdown, so my growth literally extended to Corona, and I’m really grateful to everyone who supported me during that time. Chapter & Verse has always been about making wellness club bangers, not commercial radio tracks, so I wasn’t really sure how the project would go, but things seem to be going in the right direction. good direction.

I always wanted to be a DJ and produce for people, so that was a big blow to me. Fortunately, I came away with a lot of club music, and I have literally transplanted myself every day since the start of the pandemic. I think currently I have completed about 200 tracks, so expect to hear a lot of C&V exclusives at my shows. I played Ministry of Sound in London a few weeks ago which was amazing. It was unreal to see big crowds and also to meet some of my fellow DJs for the first time.

This year saw the launch of your brand new imprint, Atom Bomb Music. What are your hopes and goals for the label in the future?

At first I really made Atom Bomb because I wanted a little flexibility with my own releases. I can literally decide to release something next week and it’s really easy to do. It’s kind of a project for the future, which I just try to develop on a regular basis until my artist profile is big enough to support it for other artists.

I’m currently working on some tweaks to improve the label so that I can release more music, but it’s important to me that everything is in place for the label to work properly. I know how important every release is when you’re an emerging artist and I would be upset if anything went wrong. There are some amazing labels run by artists like Techne and Repopulate Mars and I would love to be among them in the near future.

Tell us a bit about your last EP, The end of the world. In your article on this, you called the release “a little different idea.” What makes you make this distinction in the EP?

Well, this track is more of a tech house kind of cinematic vibe, which is pretty unusual. This year I tried all kinds of different things with songs like “Ashes” and “Lights Go Out”, and those songs worked really well, so I’m not afraid to expand a few genre boundaries. I love taking influences from old school trance and rave and these tracks always come out pretty well (IMHO of course). It’s always hit or miss when trying to invent a new sound, but I’m more than ahead of my release schedule so I’ll keep trying my luck.

New Year’s resolutions?

1. Don’t drink too much before concerts
2. Don’t drink too much after concerts
3. Don’t drink too much during concerts
4. Spend less time on Instagram
5. Get More Streams Than Joel Corry

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