Chapter & Verse release new single – “Ready For The Rave”

British house producer Chapter & Verse recently released their brand new single, “Ready For The Rave”, via Helix Records.

Speaking about the track, Chapter & Verse says, “I wanted to create a track that integrates old-school rave with modern tech house. I found and modified an old rave stab to create the sound heard throughout the 90s. I added a vintage Chapter & Verse bassline, old-school vocals and ‘Ready For The Rave’ was born.

One of the UK’s hottest new talents, Chapter & Verse began their musical journey in 2020, releasing on labels including Sony, Solotoko, Heldeep, Warner, Thrive and Insomniac. With over 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Chapter & Verse’s previous hits include “Ashes”, “Lights Go Out” and “Want to Love”, which have collectively amassed 16 million streams.

“Ready For The Rave” opens with stabbing synths that intensify into resonant waves of energy. Once the energizing beat has settled, vibrant vocals infuse the melody with sizzling textures as outlandish drops send the music down, followed by a build-up to soaring sound levels. A punchy bass drum and hints of tech-house dynamics give the song a latent explosive feel.

On “Ready For The Rave,” Chapter & Verse takes listeners back to the heady days of underground raves, pushing an electrifying sound.

Upcoming Chapter & Verse dates:

June 04 – Freshtival Weekend – Enschede, Netherlands

June 18 – Playa Dirty – Gradina, Bulgaria

June 24 – Spybar – Chicago, IL

June 25 – Halcyon – San Francisco, CA

June 26 – LA Academy – Los Angeles, CA

July 09 – BLACK – Toronto, ON

July 10 – Elixir – Orlando, Florida

July 16 – Playground Music Festival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 17 – Playground Music Festival – São Paulo, Brazil

August 19 – Elements Festival – Lake Como, Pennsylvania

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