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Dancehall’s Warlord Bounty Killer has been released to firmly support Masicka’s latest effort, an inspiring single titled Special. Killer, who apologized for some of the violent themes in his catalog in April, has since been keen to highlight the actors spreading positivity in the industry.

Although the Victim Deejay, whose real name Rodney Price, was clearly moved by the track, things quickly escalated in Masicka’s Instagram comments on Friday about his defense of “good and sane music.”

Masicka teased his highly anticipated debut album 4.3.8, which so far has everything to please the crowd. Fresh out of the premiere of her intense banger Like God as my witness, Masicka released Special, with its lush guitar intro leading to lyrical assertions.

“Aye doh mek nobody, doh mek nobody tell you nothing special / Get a trophy the way we love, yeah we want all the medals / Hold on pon mi metal, long trip doh give up, gwaan pedal / Some ah dem heart dutty up waan Dettol / Nuh mek dem kill yuh dream ”, sings Masicka on the rich Bitcoin Riddim.

Currently # 2 on Youtube Trending in Jamaica, the upbeat track got the veteran’s props, but the moment was marred by the back-and-forth between IG users and General Five Star.

One Instagram user took Bounty’s remarks as low-key alkaline speech, continuing his condemnation of the Vendetta Boss following his First price first album.

“You act like you are the creator of the music, we don’t deny your greatness back then, but you try to play the yute like NUMBER DONT LIE,” they accused the Brake light DJ.

Bounty did not confirm or deny his original intention, but instead retaliated with a strong rebuff. “Yeah because you know fi dem music doesn’t have any meaning or substance, it looks like the comment is going straight to them, so say it yu tiki tiki fish fren fi go mek good music Mr Faggotti.”

He continued, “It’s fi unuh tiki tiki problem now, we love music with the sense of how it offends you, we are not telling you to like sane music, so why do you have a problem with it? what we like though you like man? ” he said.

What started out as good vibes quickly turned ugly, but Bounty wouldn’t be seen backing down. When another fan asked “So, all this sick after we got out of the lool mix”, he replied “Dawg and Dawg a reason then the kitty, rat and fish jumped in”, with many laughing emojis.

Bounty Killer also has an album on the way, his first in nineteen years titled King of kingston, but ironically spent the year at odds with fans and social media followers.

In March, he was reprimanded online over the ballistic anthem Ready for the gun featuring Machine Lawd, who fell just weeks after speaking out against gun violence. At the time, the Change like the weather hitmaker was firm and strong with his defensive clapback to a curious fan.

“The gun show is always a mek, so why shouldn’t the gun song be?” Bounty Killer said.

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