Bobby Shmurda says he’d rather get a verse from Pop Smoke than JAY-Z

Pop Smoke, Bobby Shmurda and JAY-Z

Bobby Shmurda came under fire in a recent interview.

During a chat with DJ Akademiks, the Brooklyn rapper was asked if he’d prefer a verse from Pop Smoke or JAY-Z. Akademiks explained that Pop Smoke’s song would be a “smash” and that “all of New York City is going to love it” before suggesting the flip, a song featuring the GOAT himself, Hov.

Shmurda didn’t hesitate at all in choosing Pop Smoke. He even started mimicking the late rapper’s sound on their song.

“He’s my little nigga. I like him. I like JAY too, but I like this,” he told a shocked Akademiks.

His response sparked a debate on social media. Some agreed that Bobby’s drill sound would go better with Pop Smoke, while others found it surprising that he chose Pop over a legend like JAY-Z.

Upon his release from prison last year, Shmurda signed a management deal with Roc Nation. However, it appears that he is no longer in business with JAY-Z’s company.

Shmurda also recently parted ways with Epic Records after campaigning for his release from the label. He claimed he made a million dollars by signing his release papers. On Friday, he is set to release his first independent single “They Don’t Know”.

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