Billie Eilish Your Power Song Music Video Info

The buzz around Billie Eilish is high right now as the pop artist recently announced that her second album Happier than ever is scheduled for July 30, 2021. To coincide with this news, the singer-songwriter also blessed us with the lead single from the upcoming recording titled “Your Power” with its moody visual.

The melody itself is dark, vulnerable, and metaphorical at the same time. Produced entirely by its brother FINNEAS, the track features an instrumental stripped of raw acoustic guitar and is paired with a weak synth towards the second half. As its namesake suggests, it symbolizes all men who abuse their power in the music industry, especially young women. The captivating clip starts off with an aerial shot of a mountain rage in Simi Valley, Calif., And gradually zooms in on Eilish and her fresh blonde hair where she is spotted wearing earthy tones and layered lace-up boots. At around 1:24 am, an 80-pound anaconda begins to slide on its knees. As the song progresses, the gargantuan creature begins to wrap itself around her body until it ends up “silencing” her voice – a cinematic visual that sums up the theme of the song perfectly.

When the song fell, the 19-year-old crooner took IG to declare: “This is one of my favorite songs that I have ever written. I feel very vulnerable putting this one on because I hold it so close to my heart. These are many different situations that we have all witnessed or experienced. Hope this can inspire change. Try not to abuse your power.

Elsewhere in music, Lana Del Rey recently announced the release date of her next album blue ramps.

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