Bhad Bhabie Twerks to his verse “22 (Remix)” on IG

The “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper can’t understand why fans are obsessed with one of his verses.

Ever since she exploded onto the scene in 2016 with her infamous “Catch Me Out Then What About This?”, Offering to fight Dr. Phil in his studio parking lot, Bhad Bhabie does has only gained popularity.

Apparently, every time the 18-year-old posts on social media or drops a new verse or song, the internet is pouring in and either eats it or completely hates it.

Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

Recently, with the explosion of “22 (Remix)” by Lil Candy Paint featuring Bhabie, she publicly wondered why her fans love her verses so much. Addressing Instagram with the message, “Why you love this so sucks,” the “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper quizzed her fans before launching a little dance routine in the mirror.

As his verse, which starts with ‘Blow up his phone, I know I’m tripping for no reason, he’s gonna call him crazy but I say I call him fiendin’, plays in the background, Bhad Bhabie puts on a show to fans, twerking and even hitting a pear tree in the process. Then with a few one-legged jumps around the room, Bhabie cuts the video with a smile and leaves fans unsure whether or not she likes her verse.

“22 (Remix)” rapper Lil Candy Paint dropped the “Dynamic duo” message in the comments as Bhabie fans continue to shower the verse with as much praise as they can get.

“This is literally my favorite line from you ever,” wrote one fan. “If you don’t let this go, I’ll catch you outside,” added another.

With more comments on how the song is best from the rapper “Hi Bich”, it’s clear that fans are clamoring for an official release, although that has yet to happen.

The unofficial audio for “22 (Remix)” with Bhad Bhabie is available on YouTube, but let us know, will you check the track if it ever hits digital streaming platforms? Let us know in the comments.

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