awfultune releases music video for ‘sad love song’

awfultune released the music video for “sad love song”.

Layla Eden (known musically as awfultune) is nothing less than a resplendent musical mirror of her own human experience. Floating a few covers through the SoundCloud stratosphere around 2017, Eden quickly adorned themselves with the moniker awfultune due to their belief that their efforts would fall on deaf ears. She was wrong. As of 2021, she now boasts over four and a half million monthly steps on Spotify, officially evolving out of indie pop obscurity.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Eden’s musical evolution is intrinsically tied to his own adaptive identity. From plaintive to gently serene, their chromatic catalog of dreamlike compositions succinctly echoed their shift from masculine to feminine-becoming that she always was. She is both a stern champion of the LGBTQ+ community and a strong advocate for anyone who has simply felt alone or alienated from themselves.

Though filled with reverie and emotional complexity, A Horrible Original prides itself on its minimalism. For Eden, the narrative is generally candid and central. A dazzling emblem of this story-centric ideal is their passionate and quintessential 2019 offering, “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom.” More rooted in emotional truth than reality, Sarah represents Layla’s more daring and uninhibited alter ego.

More than anything, it’s a love letter to themselves. Having now amassed over 150 million streams on YouTube and Spotify, the track is an exciting highlight in their history so far. Responding to an outpouring of audible desires for more of Layla and Sarah’s love story, Eden is ready to share the rest of their rainbow-fueled journey with fans, and what each of these colors has represented for them in life and through their own transition.

Watch a new music video here:

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