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“One Song” is from his forthcoming 44-track anthology. Listen to it now.

Archie Roach is not only one of the most important voices in this country’s music scene, he is one of the most important voices in this country, period.

For more than 30 years, he has delivered beautiful, heartbreaking, thoughtful and honest music that has taught us as much as it has moved us.

Now is the time for the 66-year-old icon to release his anthology, a career-spanning collection that brings together all the songs that have made him so revered for so long.

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My songs: 1989 – 2021 will feature 44 tracks that trace Archie Roach’s long and esteemed career.

Featuring recordings of his beloved records, plus a slew of demo recordings and collaborations that show another side of the artist, this will be an essential collection for fans and anyone wanting to learn more about this titan of songwriting.

Along with classic Archie Roach fare, there’s a brand new track, “One Song,” and it’s proof that Archie is still doing incredibly moving work to this day. Listen to the sparse and stunning six-minute song below.

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Anthology follows Archie Roach’s captivating autobiography Tell me whya book that does not hesitate to tell the world about his life and his struggles, and which will make you admire this great storyteller even more.

In 2020 Double J crowned Archie Roach as Australian Artist of the Year for his work sharing his stories and songs both in print and online after COVID-19 forced him to postpone his last tour. .

Archie is on tour in March and April, you can find all the information on his next shows here.

My songs: 1989 – 2021 will be released on Friday, March 11. Here is the list of tracks:

1. The Hangover (demo)
2. Open your eyes
3. The Bicentenary Blues
4. No celebrations
5. Took the kids
6. Charcoal Alley
7. Summer of My Life
8. Tell me why
9. Crying in the Forest
10. A Child Was Born Here (feat. Tiddas)
11. From Heaven
12. Enter Doors
13. Beggar
14. River Song
15. Dance Shoes (feat. Tiddas)
16. Color of your sweater (demo)
17. Get moving
18. Little Child
19. Morning Star (feat. Tiddas)
20. Mission Ration Blues
21. Alien Invasion
22. This Woman (demo)
23. I don’t wanna go (demo)
24. Mulyawongk (demo)
25. Take Your Time (Demo)
26. Travel Bones
27. Lighthouse (song for two mothers)
28. Spirit of Place
29. Old people sing
30. Your Elders
31. In the bloodstream
32. We Won’t Cry (feat. Paul Kelly)
33. Old Mission Road
34. Song to sing
35. Let Love Rule (feat. Dhungala)
36. Return to Earth
37. Love Sweet Love (feat. Emma Donovan)
38. Mighty Clarence River
39. One for each person and one for the jar
40. Always Be Here (feat. Sally Dastey)
41. Rally Round The Drum (feat. Paul Kelly)
42. Nopun Kurongk
43. Place of fire
44. A Song

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