Andre 3000’s most personal verse may never be published

André 3000’s rap remains a big problem. Last month marked 15 years since OutKast’s sixth and final album, Idlewild. Since then, André Benjamin has carefully chosen his spots to share his talent. Even without albums back then, for many hip-hop leaders, he established himself as one of the greatest raps of all time.

In the late 2000s, Dre and Big Boi teamed up for special verses alongside UGK, DJ Drama and Raekwon. On its own, 3 Stacks has dazzled collaborations with Devin The Dude, Unk, Rich Boy, and JAY-Z, among others. He carried some of that energy into the next decade, with memorable feature film work for Travis Scott, Divine Council, Frank Ocean, and more. However, Dre has also admitted in recent years that he is less inspired by rap. His musical contributions can sometimes avoid rap or singing altogether. Last year, he hoisted the Dungeon Family flag with a strong performance alongside Goodie Mob on “No Cigar” while also winning a Grammy with Anderson .Paak for “Come Home,” which arrived in ’19.

Andre 3000 reacts to being dragged into Drake and Kanye West’s beef

2021 has yet to deliver an official Andre 3000 verse. However, earlier this month, Drake released an unreleased song on his Sirius XM radio show. While celebrating the arrival of Boy in love certified, Drizzy performed a song, “Life Of The Party”, which Kanye West had previously intended for Donda, but did not release. The track, which first made the news at a private party Donda listening session in July, now featured lyrics by Kanye directed at Drake, and elicited a rare statement from Andre 3000. The founder of OutKast revealed why the song wasn’t released and added that when recorded his half of the lyrics, the West part was different. The 30-year veteran added that he was a fan of Drake, Kanye and a few others, while calling the situation “unfortunate.”

What can be lost in the controversy is how incredible André 3000’s verses are, on a human level. “Hey, Miss Donda / You meet my mum, please tell her I said “Say something” / I’m starting to believe that heaven’s trumpets don’t exist / No it’s it’s all done / If there is a heaven you’d think they’d let you talk to your son / Maybe she’s in the form of a baby laugh / I heard her go through a stroller reminding me, “Hey, keep rolling” / I don’t “I don’t know, maybe she has a sting of a blade of grass / I’ve been lying too long, I’m itching / I’m got up and wandered around a bit more / Miss Donda, see my mum, tell her I’m lost / You see she was always lighting a cigarette, we were talking, I was coughing / I was pushing it a bit so ‘she understands / I’m trying to get her to quit, I’ll go and light a joint / Until I quit, start again, 20 years later / All the while you all thought a dude was stoned, thought i was crazy,», This is how Dre opens his verse. He talks to West’s late mother in hopes of contacting his own, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, who died in 2013.

Andre 3000’s first 2 songs in 2018 are a loving tribute to his mother (Audio)

The verse continues with clarity – no rose-tinted glasses. “My mother, she didn’t cut corners / She got me back on track, she doesn’t fail to overstep / But she doesn’t fail to show / Seven civilian lives sh * t / Ah, Miss Donda, you see my mom whispering this to her: The real reason I was geeky going to church / I have to admit, when all of you adults would be studying the Bible / That girl help me with my homework? She and I were fucked up / So pure and perverted, so the mind was spinning and dirty / So on and on and on and on, we were hoping no one would hear us / Sh-sh, ah, ah And to this day , I think her mom knew but let’s explore.The MC who has been very much alive in the descriptions of sex and sexuality on OutKast gems like “Babylon” and “Spread”, as well as their “International Players Anthem” duo with UGK, does not recall it.

Dre goes on to address both parents. “Miss Donda, you see my father, please ask him: why he never got married? / Always smiled, but was he happy inside? / Because I carried my mother’s name, did he carry shame with him? / I’m sure she did it out of spite, it was her decision at birth / Damn she was probably hurt, ah, poor baby / Two young people with different points of view, a lot for a young woman / No coincidence, they both died of heart problems / There is dissent involved, mum and dad make a tough split / Three Thou ‘, kid poster for big-d * ck ni ** as raised by their mothers / I’m supposed to smile like God knows I’ll be confused / Keeping me around, why? I don’t know But I know it’s crucial that we do it, right now I don’t know how long though.

An argument for why Andre 3000 is the greatest MC of all time (video)

Notably, the curses in André’s verses are what he claims to have prevented the record from being released. The true artist refused to deviate from the initial vision of the meaningful subject – in one is one of the best verses of 2021 and an exceptional moment of personal reflection in an incredible artistic career. Just weeks after Lauryn Hill stunned listeners with a wonderful contribution to Nas’ “Nobody”, another reclusive and illusory artist does the same. Only this collabo ‘might never be published correctly. In the last episode of What is the title, the Ambrosia for heads The team discuss the song, its many merits, and why it was not cleared for release. There is a deep dive into the new music of the apparent problems of Common, Drake and Swizz Beatz, and a lot of new music to discuss.

Below are the timestamps for episode # 61 of the What is the title Podcast:

0:00 Introduction
1:09 Drake has the best sales of the first week of 2021, with Boy in love certified
1:40 What album comes in Boy in love certified and Kanye West Donda will stand the test of time better
11:40 Critical reception for Drake’s Boy in love certified was mixed
13:20 Why Drake denounced Swizz Beatz on Boy in love certified‘s “You only live twice”
3:00 p.m. Was Swizz Beatz angry with Drake for not accepting an offer to fight Kanye West on Verzus
16:54 Who would win Kanye West Verzuz Drake
20:48 The reception of Kanye West’s Donda becomes more favorable over time
24:10 Kanye West’s “Life Of The Party” starring Andre 3000 has been removed from Donda
27:00 André 3000’s “Life Of The Party” performance is the best verse of 2021
28:50 Unboxing of the verse “Life Of The Party” by André 3000
36:23 Kanye West’s verse on “Life of the Party” is filled with controversy
41:00 Who between Andre and Kanye had “Life Of The Party” removed from Donda
42:24 Will “Life Of The Party” ever be officially released
47:00 Common reestablished his MC roots with one of the best freestyles of the year
52:00 Should artists market their albums before their release in the streaming age
56:30 What’s the best hip-hop outlet for freestyles in 2021
1:00:22 Common news review A beautiful revolution, Pt. 2 album
1:11:59 Will Common when a Tony Award for completing his EGOT
1:13:47 Has Common’s Hip-Hop Credibility Diminished Over the Years
1:19:40 Afrika Bambaataa to be tried for alleged sexual assault
1:29:04 Freddie Gibbs attacks Kendrick Lamar, BET and the Grammy Awards on his “Vice Lord Poetry Freestyle”
1:32:30 Kendrick Lamar Has New Verse About Baby Keem’s ‘Line Brothers’
1:37:20 AZ released his Doe or Die II album
1:39:20 Blackalicious’s posthumous album ‘Gift Of Gab, Find inspiration one way or another, is out
1:42:40 New music from Damu The Fudgemunk, Yebba, Wiki and Bronze Nazareth

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Last month Sony released a Special 25th Anniversary Edition of OutKast ATlinks on vinyl, CD and digital.

Andre 3000 talks about not having the confidence to make new music (audio)

#BonusBeat: Several selections from Kanye West Donda are currently on the official website AFH playlist:

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