Adele releases new song and music video for “Easy on Me” – The Hollywood Reporter

Adele is back with her powerful voice that fans know and love.

After waiting five years since her last song, Adele finally released Thursday “Easy on Me”, a heartwarming ballad that reflects how she has grown over the years.

During the chorus, she sings, “Take it easy with me, baby.” I was still a child. I haven’t had the chance to feel the world around me.

The singer initially teased “Easy on Me” last week when posting a short black and white clip on Twitter of his cruising down the road as the pages steal car seats. The scene appears in the music video for the song, which also arrived on Thursday. In the clip, the singer can be seen walking away from an empty house with her crowded car. During the second verse, the video turns to color as Adele continues to sing along with the music pages fluttering in the wind.

The ballad is the first single from his upcoming album, which should be titled 30, continuing the tendency to name his records after pivotal ages in his life.

The new version follows her divorce from Simon Konecki, with whom she shares her 9-year-old son Angelo earlier this year. But she made it clear that she was not writing a “divorce” album. She explained to Vogue, “He’s not an ex of mine. He’s the father of my child. Rather, it was me in the process of a divorce. Just telling me ‘Bitch, fuck the fuck, get your fucking shit together!’ “

When announces the album on her social media, the singer described it as her “roll or die throughout the most eventful time of my life.” “When I was writing it, it was my friend who came with a bottle of wine and a takeout to cheer me up. My wise friend who always gives the best advice… The friend who stayed awake all night and held my hand while I sobbed relentlessly without knowing why, ”she wrote.

She added, “Since then I have rebuilt my house and my heart painstakingly and this album tells it. Home is where the heart is.

In a in-depth interview with Vogue Last week Adele said the new album was one she had no plans to release: “I always say that 21 no longer mine, ”she told the publication. “Everyone took it so much to their hearts. I’m not letting go of this one. This is my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go. “

Adèle’s previous album, 25, was released in 2015 and won Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammys. She walked away with the same award for her second record, 21.

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