# 5YearsWithYoungForever: 5 Verses From BTS’s Young Forever That Hit All The Sensory Chords

BTS’s Epilogue: Young Forever was first released worldwide on April 19, 2016. At the time of its release, the members, the agency and the fandom were unsure how valuable this song would be to them. Now, five years later, Young Forever holds a special place in the hearts of countless ARMYs around the world, just like with BTS.

Part of their album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever’, even to first-time listeners, the song will eventually give goosebumps. The song is about the members’ raw emotions towards their performances and the constant fear of the future, trying to stay positive (“young”) for as long as they can. It was also the first song produced by BTS by RM!

ARMYs around the world have grown nostalgic as they shared their understanding of the song, constantly assuring and reassuring the group that they will stay together, forever, under # 5YearsWithYoungForever on Twitter. So today, even though it’s difficult because the whole song is amazing, we list our five favorite lines from the song that hit all the right places.

“The curtain falls and I’m out of breath
I have mixed feelings when I breathe out
Did I make any mistakes today? “

Blessed with the backstage of BTS’s many world tours, this verse hits close to home. Seeing the members struggling to breathe after the performances, the staff members running here and there with an oxygen pump, all we see is pain and maybe some confusion on the faces of the members. “Did I make a mistake today” hits hard because we know how absolute perfectionists BTS are? Do you remember Jungkook crying because he thought he hadn’t done his best when he was doing well? Taehyung is crying because he can’t sing because of his sore throat? As much as the members have mixed feelings after the scene, so do ARMYs around the world. And that’s why we see gratitude-filled tweets after their performance.

“I stand in the middle of the hot empty stage
And suddenly I’m so afraid of heights “

This verse is about the emptiness that members feel on stage after a performance. It can also be before the show when they are training too. They share how afraid they are of this feeling of emptiness – what if the loudest cheers suddenly die off? What if the room becomes empty? Should they be living the moment that is burning with passion and determination right now without caring about the world or worrying that it is not here forever? It also shows how they pretend not to think about it, but deep in their minds it’s still there – fear of heights.

“Trying to comfort me
I tell myself that the world can’t be perfect “

But they can’t keep that feeling forever. They must console themselves. When it comes to times like these, when one is worried about his future, he should take the big picture and try to comfort himself. “The world cannot be perfect” – nothing and no one is perfect. Nothing and no one in this world lasts forever too. So no matter what mistakes they make, no matter how fearful of being alone, no matter what the future holds, they find comfort in knowing that it is not their fault that their world is imperfect. After all, not everyone can be perfect.

“I start to let myself go
The thunderous applause, I can’t own it forever
I say to myself, so shameless
Even if the attention is not eternal, I will continue to sing “

After reflecting on the fear, the members finally let go of the inhibitions with this verse. The feeling of ecstasy on stage, the scorching energy they receive from thousands of fans, the “thunderous applause”, their body, they can’t own it forever. They realize that they need to let go of their fears and fully embrace the times they wholeheartedly love. J-Hope even sings in the next line to be “shameless” and raise his voice even higher. And to keep singing, whether their eyes are on them forever, or not.

“Even when I fall and hurt myself
I keep running towards my dream “

Part of the chorus sung, over and over again, I personally like the choice of words here. “Running endlessly” and “dreaming”. BTS has talked a lot about dreams in their songs, either making them come true through struggles or not being hard on yourself even if you don’t have one. As the whole song is based on their uncertainty about their future, the chorus has a lot of value, speaking of an endless race towards their dream – the dream of singing, dancing, performing in front of others and giving ‘countless comforts through their music.

There is another reason why this song holds a special place in the hearts of ARMYs. BTS made history by selling the iconic Wembley Stadium in 2019 for their Speak Yourself tour. They were the first South Korean group to headline a concert and sell a record 60,000 seats in 90 minutes for two consecutive days, totaling 120,000 people.

To mark this legendary achievement, then Big Hit Entertainment planned a surprise for the members with ARMY TIME featured on screens, and fans were invited to sing Young Forever. All the members were surprised, had tears in their eyes and Jimin and Jungkook even cried.

Whether or not BTS worried that they would be remembered forever for their music or not, with that surprise and the incredible feats they did, they will always be remembered forever. And the cheers won’t go out either. We, the ARMYs, will not let him down. Watch the clip below again, to relive the memories!

What do you think of the song? What does it do to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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